How to get the most out of your coupon


How To Get The Most Out of Your Coupon

Why our Design Guidelines Work & How Every Part is
Carefully Engineered to Maximize A Lasting Impression

Before we get started you must understand two things. One, the main purpose of coupons is to draw in new customers who use the coupons and buy other items. Consider this the first step in taking an opportunistic customer and turning that customer into a loyal patron of your business.  Two, Good Coupon Design = Good Customer Experience = Best Possible ROI. When it comes to coupon design Local Door Coupons designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering a lasting impression.



Every coupon can benefit from a sharp and compelling image to draw attention to what your company’s offers.

Your image should: Immediately help clients understand the service or goods your company provides as well as match the mood & purpose of promotion.

Your image should not: Be a storefront image as it does not promote a service or good. Use an image of your product or one the depicts the service you deliver. Low-quality or incorrectly framed Images shouldn’t be used.  A low-quality Image does not make a good impression. We offer high quality professionally taken stock images to effectively and aesthetically illustrate your product or service.

Logotypes are held to the same standard of quality of your images. Similarly to your images, your logo’s quality leaves an impression on your prospect clients. If you have a low-quality logo Local Door Coupons offers an option to recreate your logo at a small charge. (ask for more information)


Copy / Text / Verbiage

Keep it Brief [Keep promotions clear and concise]


According to a new study from Microsoft Corp., people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds. Mind you the average attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds.

So, you have to try to sell them on your service or product in 8 seconds….

With that in mind take your message and edit it down to the crucial elements you need to convey. If the customer needs more information, you can direct them to your address, phone number and, website.

Using too much text can hide the actual message that you want to deliver. For better success, we recommend using language that is clear and to the point.

Our Recommendation:

Effective coupons, those that deliver an impactful and lasting impression, are structured in a manner that clearly details the following elements:

  • The deal – an immediate value to the customer
  • Call to Action – a requested action you are requesting from the customer
  • Required Information – important stipulations or disclaimers     
  • Contact Information – the best way to reach you or for them to conduct self-education on your business

The most important Part of your coupon is the Deal.

Words & Phrases you SHOULD use

  • OFF
  • FREE
  • Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
  • Only
  • Limited Time
  • Percent/Dollars OFF
    • Coupon Dismissal is often due to the customer not seeing its immediate value
    • We recommend you make your coupon irresistible/too good to pass up
    • Coupons generally drive higher redemptions if the face value is over 12% of the selling price of the product
    • Coupons are least likely to drive redemptions work if their face value is under 10%
    • Use an attractive offer to get new customers through your door, or to your website
      • According to a report, 80% of shoppers would willingly switch brands when offered a compelling promotion that balances attractiveness and profitability.


  • Expiration date
    • Adding expiration dates to a coupon entices shoppers to use the coupon faster & creates a sense of urgency.
    • We set a 3-month Expiration for all coupons based on distribution times.

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